Lemmings Ultimate Hack

Lemmings is divided into several levels, grouped into four categories of difficulty. Each level begins with one or more trap doors that open from the top, releasing a constant line of wood that follows one another. Levels include a variety of obstacles preventing exit, such as large droplets, traps and lava basins.


The goal is to guide at least a certain percentage of the red and blue hair from the entrance to the exit by cleaning or creating a safe passage for the wood to be used. Unless a special task is attributed to it, each lemming will go in one direction, ignoring any other lemming in its path that will fall off the edges and return if it hits an obstacle that can not pass . A lemming can die in a number of ways: falling from a high height that falls into water or lava, disappearing above, bottom or level plane, trapped in a trap or fire, or is attributed to the ability of Bomber . Each level has a time limit; if the clock counts to zero, the level ends automatically.

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